Liberty and justice for all?

Athena Swords, Editor

In this cartoon, a content Donald Trump stands, recit- ing the pledge of allegiance.

In the past two years, the national anthem and pledge and the right to sit have been controversial topics in the me- dia.

Why stand up for some- thing, both figuratively and literally, that you don’t agree with or believe in.

In the background of this photo, an I.C.E. agent is hold- ing an immigrant mother back from her child who is still a citizen of the United States.

The child sits, crying ad hugging the flag pole after be- ing seperated by his mother.

All he has left is his citi- zenship.

He lost his mother be- cause she can’t earn her right to citizenship because she can’t answer questions that born and raised Americans wouldn’t be able to answer.

The final line to the pledge, “with liberty and jus- tice for all” is a line that does not really fit with America’s current message, yet we all are forced to state it loud and proud everyday.

This cartoon represents the issues brought about by immigration laws in 2019.

We claim to bring free- dom to everyone on American soil, yet we’re tearing families apart and claiming they can’t

have freedom here?
Yes, that’s absolutely lib-

erty and justice for all. You nailed it, America.

Art by Athena Swords.