2020 NFL offseason preview and predictions

Connor Wolfe, Staff Writer

Tom Brady, widely considered as the best quarterback of all time is currently a free agent after 18 years. Other big changes are happening this offseason such as Dak Prescott becoming a free agent, and the Los Angeles Raiders moving to Las Vegas. 

“Dak isn’t going anywhere… Unfortunately,” said longtime Cowboys fan, Richard Batz.

 It was speculated that he is going to stay in Dallas because of the coach change. The Cowboys hired Mike McCarthy, former Packers head coach, as the new head coach after the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, fired the previous coach, Jason Garrett. Prescott’s was previously wanting a contract worth $40 million. 

The Cowboys have not had an impressive record the past few seasons and a decline has been shown. 

Batz said, “I think the Cowboys losing record should show how they should not pay Dak 40 million a year but he will stay.” 

As for Tom Brady, he voided the $70 million two-year extension contract the Patriots offered. They plan on upping the offer by $30 million to keep their star player. 

Tom Brady’s commercial took many by surprise, not only because of the paid Hulu advertisement but because he announced that he is not going anywhere. 

Central Junior, Armando Buono said, “It’s possible but I don’t think he will after showing his Super Bowl commercial,” and “I’m looking forward to seeing what he ends up doing.” 

Eli Manning, younger brother of football hall of famer, Peyton Manning, has announced his retirement after playing for the New York Giants for 16 years. This could spark the start of other older players following him and ending their careers. 

“I don’t think other players will worry about Eli retiring. Now if Brees retires then yes other quarterback will follow such as Brady and maybe Rivers’ ‘ said Batz on Eli Manning retiring.

Buono agreed with Batz saying, “I don’t think that has to do with anything, if a player is ready to retire then they will retire. If they still have the skill ability and mindset then they will stay.” 

The Los Angeles Raiders have decided to change locations from sharing Los Angeles with the Chargers moving to the Las Vegas metropolitan area. And with the new location comes the new name “Las Vegas Raiders.” Question of the fans’ loyalty is rising if the original fans from Los Angeles are going to stay Raiders fans or support the Los Angeles Chargers. 

Buono said, “The Raiders moving will negatively affect the fan base because they have some of the most loyal fans and moving will only anger the fans off and the game attendance will only go down.” 

There is now talk of the six-year veteran, Odell Beckham Jr being traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. In the 2019 season, he had a disappointing 55.6% catch rate but 74 receptions with 1,035 yards and four touchdowns. Back in December, it was reported that Beckham wanted out of Cleveland, he then publicly refuted the rumors. Although nothing is official right now there is a chance Beckham will still get out of Cleveland after arguments with head coach, Kevin Stefanski.

Overall, big changes are coming to the NFL during the 2020 off-season and many are excited to see what else comes before the start of the new season.