John Rahm wins 2023 Masters championship


Photo by Mike Segar.

John Rahm celebrates after sinking his last putt on the 18th green to become the Master’s Champion.

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

John Rahm came from behind to defeat Brooks Koepka April. 9, 2023 during the Master’s at Augusta National Golf Club. Koepka was in the lead the first three rounds of the tournament, going into the last round Koepka was in the lead by 2 strokes. 

Rahm shot three under par in the last round to lift him over Koepka who fell three strokes under in the last round. Rahm finished the tournament winning 3.24 million dollars and the Masters green jacket. Rahm shot 12 under par, Kopeka finished the tournament at 8 under par tied for second with Phil Mickelson. 

“I thought it was good seeing the players compete against each other, John Rahm deserved it and is on a different level right now,” said junior golfer Noah Shultz.