2019 Central York High School fall sports overview

Central York High School is having another successful fall sports season with several county championships.

Nicolas Guadagnino, Managing Editor

All fall sports stories updated as of October 21st.

Girl’s Tennis

The CYHS Girl’s tennis team are Division I County Champions.

“The girls played extremely hard, so it was awesome that we were able to win that, and it was the first time Central did since 2009. We went 9-0 in league play,” said head coach Mckenzie Krout.

The CYHS girl’s tennis team was led by some key players this year.

“We have a few girls that emerged as leaders. Daniella Feistritzer is a senior and was always there to guide the other players. I admired how positive she always was. Audrey Stewart [a sophomore] was a great player this season and only lost one match, so we all enjoyed watching her play. Rachel Haup [a freshman] was a great addition to the team this year. It was fun watching her play and see her confidence grow as we got farther in the season,” said Krout.

Junior Prital Prabhu is also having a successful season, “The coaches really helped my teammate and me with playing at the net, and I have really improved in that area and in doubles play this season. For next year, I want to learn more shots to use in matches, as well as hit more consistently.” said junior Prital Prabhu.

To prepare and have another successful season, Prabhu is willing to put the time in the offseason.

“I will be going to clinics and take lessons so that I am prepared for the upcoming season. In addition, I will be getting out with my sister and teammates to play practice matches,” said Prabhu.

The Central York Girl’s Tennis team is hoping to carry their success into the county and district championships.

Boy’s Soccer

The Central York boy’s soccer team is having another great year on the pitch. Senior captain Thomas Elder had big goals for himself and for his teammates. Elder has had to overcome a broken collar bone this season, but that hasn’t stopped him from contributing to the team this season.

“[I was not] On the field not as much as I would have liked as I broke my collarbone, but it’s allowed me to grow as a leader and find a way to try and lead a team without being in the field.” said Elder.

“Just always encouraging them and setting a good example for them. My goal coming into the year was to try and reinsert the culture of a program that just doesn’t give up and doesn’t take anything for granted. You fight for each other every day,” said Elder.

They have a current record of eight wins, four losses, and two ties and hope to make a run into the playoffs.

“We have a great group of guys, and I wouldn’t want to go out there and battle with anyone else,” said Elder.

Cross Country

Cross Country The Central York Cross Country team has a plethora of talented runners this season including senior Allen Frey.

“I try to teach the younger runners different tricks and techniques I have learned over the six years I have been running. I also teach them how to be a leader and take over the team when we leave,” said Frey.

Frey has had to work through a few setbacks this season, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a vital member of the team.

“I got hurt and was not able to participate for a few weeks, but I still supported by going to meets and cheering on the team, but now that I am back, I try to place as high as I can in meets to help our team.” said Frey.

Running has been a part of Frey’s life since a young age.

“I ran a 5k with my sister and cousin when I was younger. A couple of weeks later, I went to the cross country information meeting, and I started running for the school,” said Frey.

This year has been one of his most successful seasons and he has set a record time of 19:10. He enjoys going to cross country invitationals and hanging out with his friends at the meets.

Field Hockey

With seven wins and two losses in league play and an overall record of seven wins and seven losses, the Central York field hockey team has had a successful season. They also have won the league and have hopes of winning a county championship. Julianna Mariano, a junior, has embraced a leadership role for the young players on the team this year.

“I have been able to contribute to the team through my positivity when people make a good pass during games or perform well at practice, I encourage them and compliment their hard work. I also contribute to the team with my speed, and it allows me to attack the ball and win possession for my team,” said Mariano.

The team is working hard to accomplish the goals they have set for the season.

“As a team, one of our main goals was to beat our two most challenging teams: Dallastown and Red Lion. We accomplished that goal in our first games against them, and we still want to continue to accomplish that goal in our second games against them. Also, we want to win Districts.” said Mariano.

Mariano says after the field hockey season is over, she is going to train to increase her speed and endurance. She hopes that all her hard work in the offseason will improve her defense.

The Central York Field Hockey team won the County Championship against Bermudian Springs. Bermudian scored the first goal of the game and Central scored the next three.

Girl’s Soccer

The Central York girl’s soccer team has goals that would make school history. They recently just won their fourth straight county championship with a two to zero win against Gettysburg.

“As a whole group, we want to win our division and win counties, which are both things we have accomplished in past years, but we also want to win districts and make it to states. [That] is something we have not yet accomplished in Central York Girls Soccer history.” said senior leftback and wing, Britlyn Higgins.

“The seniors have done a really good job holding the underclassmen accountable for how much they are putting in each and every day. I also think that we have set really good standards as to how we want to play as a team, and encouraging them when they are on the field or even to keep pushing themselves to be better players, especially during runs and at practices,” said Higgins.

Higgins had to transition to a new position this year and is making the best of her opportunity.

“I was able to step up and play the left-back position, which is somewhere I don’t normally play or feel super comfortable playing. But my coaches were confident in me playing that spot, and I think I have helped our team defensively and in the attack too,” she said.

Higgins credits the success of this season to the special bond that the team has formed.

“I think something that makes our team different than past years and so special is the bond we have with each other I think that we are all super close and because of this we are able to push each other harder, hold each other accountable for our mistakes, and put each other before ourselves,” said Higgins.

Girl’s Volleyball

Girl’s Volleyball The Central York girl’s volleyball team is in the midst of an exciting season as they have eleven wins and only one loss. The Central York Girl’s Volleyball team recently won the divison as their 11-1 record was good enough to win the league and make it to the counties.

Senior Aubrey Rentzel has been an influential leader on the team this year.

“This year I had an early season injury so I took over the role of helping out the girls as to where they can hit, serve and looking at the tendencies of the players on the other teams. I have filled a leadership role of team captain along with Grace Rishel and contributed on the court later in this season,” said Rentzel.

“This year, our team has accomplished our goals of becoming a mentally tougher team in harder situations. There are many goals for us to still reach, like the county championship, district championship, and a state tournament berth,” said Rentzel.

Rentzel is having an exceptional senior volleyball season.

“This season has been the most fun season I have ever had playing volleyball because of how close the whole team has become. I am playing my favorite sport with my best friends every day,” she said.

As a senior, Rentzel says she has been trying to lead by example for the younger players on the team. She is doing this by always giving 100 percent during practice and games. Hopefully, her excellent work ethic can carry them to a championship year.

Water Polo

Central York Water Polo coach Craig Eckbold strives to share his passion for the game.

“My favorite moment has been working with so many new players and seeing them fall in love with the game that I’ve spent 15 years playing,” said Eckbold.

Their goal of competing for a spot in the conference fell a little short, but that did not stop them from having a fun season.

“My main goal was to bring along a bunch of new players and help turn them into a team. The boys have a lot of raw talent, and I wanted to see if they could compete for a spot in the conference playoffs. The conference goal fell a little short when we lost captain Lucas Tate to season ending injury at the beginning of the season,” said Eckbold.

The loss of Tate allowed players to step up and play a significant role on the team.

“Our 2-meter player Ethan Miller has stepped up huge since the loss of Tate and become our leading goal scorer and the first sophomore captain in program history. Declan Grimes has also been a huge part of our success as a player and a leader.” Eckbold said.

“This team has resiliency. Both squads work hard in practice and see a future where this program could be very strong if we keep working. They stay positive in defeat and get along great, which makes it so much fun to coach them. They also Tik-Tok together, a lot.” he said.

Eckbold is excited about the future of this team and is very proud of how the team played this year.


The Central York golf team is having another tremendous season led by senior Carson Bacha.

Bacha is committed to golf at Auburn University next year.

“My favorite moment this season has been winning the division in our last match of the regular season. We got off to a rough start this year, but we’re able to bring it back around and win our last four straight [matches] to clinch the division for my 4th year in a row,” said Bacha.

Bacha has been able to become the number one player in the state of Pennsylvania and has goals of playing in the Pro Golf Association, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a team player this year.

“I just try to stay very positive and keep the team believing because we have a great chance to make history this year,” said Bacha.

Bacha takes significant pride in being able to have had the opportunity to play on the Central York golf team. “This means more than anything to represent Central and try to make history, so we are determined. [We are] focused on districts this week and the states after that!”