Central York powerlifting dominates fitness challenge

Nicolas Guadagnino, Managing Editor

On Nov. 16th, Central York hosted a fitness challenge, where weightlifters in the area could compete against each other in fitness challenge events. Senior, Tyler Rumsey, was of those who were competing. 

“The best part of the fitness challenge was having my peers cheering me on during the events. The reason I say that is because I love it when people are cheering me on, it gives me a boost of energy and gets me hype,” said Rumsey.

Rumsey was introduced into lifting at a young age.

 “My mom made me interested in lifting weights at the age of thirteen but I wasn’t old enough lift weights at Golds Gym at that age. When I turned fourteen that’s when I got to go with my mom to workout at golds gym and lift weights, said Rumsey. During the fitness challenge, Rumsey competed in several events. 

“The event I took place in was Tabata Echoes, which is eight rounds of 20 secs full out and 10-second rest on the echo bike for a total of four mins. After that, straight to a 1 min all you can bench press which all the males did 95 pounds. Event 2 Row through the wall is three rounds of 25 wall ball in which males had 10-pound medicine ball and threw it 10 ft in the air. In between, you had to row 250M 3 times as well. Event 3 Bodyweight Challenge, which is a six-minute challenge of 3 burpees, six bodyweight deadlifts, nine medicine ball single-leg sit-ups. It would be scored on how many reps you can do in that 6 mins,” said Rumsey.

Gary Lang Central York, Phys ed. teacher and powerlifting coach, organized this fitness challenge for schools in York County. The five schools that participated in the event are Central York, Spring Grove, Kennard-Dale, Dover and Eastern. 

  “Each year, I create new events and movements to challenge participants in many aspects of fitness, such as strength, power, speed, endurance [and]conditioning. Each school can bring teams, groups, or individuals. Each participant will get a score in each event and their score will be tallied towards individual score totals as well as a team total. The top ten scores from each school in each event will count towards a team total. That way, teams can have various participants, but your team scores will only be represented by your top ten finishers in each event,” said Lang.  

During this challenge, many Central students competed well in the events. In event number one senior, Brady Vaught came in second place. In event number two senior Coley Bagwell came in first place. Then in event number three, senior Brady Vaught and junior Gabe Hue came in first in second place, respectively for event number three for females, senior Nya Green came in first place. 

“Our team really excelled. They all performed at a top-level and did better overall than anyone could have predicted. They dug in and truly went all out on each event. I couldn’t be prouder.” said Lang.