There’s no time to SPARE, score a STRIKE with bowling club

Laila Samphilipo, Editor-in-Chief of The Prowler

Starting Dec. 2, Central York High School students will have the opportunity to join the Central York Bowling Club, organized through Colony Park Lanes North. 

Students involved in this club can expect to attend weekly practices and participate in interscholastic matches among other school districts, including Dallastown, Red Lion and Spring Grove, as well as receive free coaching. 

“Students can expect to enjoy learning all about bowling,” said Colony Park Lanes North Manager Jen Sparks. “Our coaches can teach students new to bowling all of the basics, and hopefully get them excited to learn more.”

Sparks said that their mission to get high schools to have bowling clubs or teams has been active for the past 20 years, and has just recently proved successful after the bowling proprietors devised a plan in the beginning of 2019 to involve local high schools. 

“In our region, there are a lot of schools in the Lancaster, Lebanon and Reading areas that participate in a similar program. We are hoping that our program can lead to something very similar to these programs that are already PIAA sanctioned,” she said. 

Sparks is optimistic that the establishment of the Central York Bowling Club will encourage students to get out and try something new, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to meet other students. Through the club, she hopes that high school students will enjoy the sport so much that they continue to bowl even after graduation. 

Central York High School students are also excited about the opportunity to bowl. 

“I always used to love going bowling when I was a kid with my grandfather, and I am so excited to continue to have the opportunity to bowl,” said senior Matthew Guadagnino. “It is a timeless sport and I look forward to bowling for many years to come.” 

Guadagnino said that he is looking forward to attending the bowling practices, as he has always wanted to increase the frequency of his participation with the sport. 

“I have always wanted there to be some sort of club or team at the school for bowling,” he said. 

Both Guadagnino and Sparks believe that anybody can bowl, and encourage Central students to participate due to the positive and fun nature of the sport.