Pivotal rule changes in MLB already have fans and players confused


Photo by Kim Klement.

Timers are placed behind the batter’s box so it is visible to the pitcher while making delivery.

Chase Brosend, Editor

MLB spring training is underway, this season the league is implementing its new set of rules which includes a pitch clock. However this past week, controversy sparked after a game between the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves suddenly ended on a 3-2 count, with two outs tied 6-6 in the ninth inning. 

Braves batter Cal Canley got called for an automatic strike three because he didn’t step into the batter’s box with eight seconds left on the pitch clock. According to the revised rulebook; pitchers will have 15 seconds to pitch when bases are empty and 20 seconds with runners on bases. In addition, batters will be allowed one timeout per at bat and there will be a 30-second break between each batter. 

“These steps are designed to improve pace of play, increase action, and reduce injuries,” said MLB commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr.